What experience have I got?

Teaching Experience

I started teaching as a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at Hull University in the 1990s after I got my Masters in Information Technology and Graphics. Following that, I trained as a Secondary School teacher (with a PGCE in Secondary Science) and moved to Milford Haven School where I taught full time until 2011. I was the Head of the ICT Department.

While teaching at the school I worked as an external moderator and I continue to work as an assessor.

Since then, I have worked in Adult Education and in community education projects. I have recently been working on IT projects in local primary schools.

But I also teach on an individual basis, where people can learn at their own pace, using their own equipment, in their own home ... with a cup of tea.

I have a current DBS certificate.

I.T. Experience

I have used Microsoft Windows, Apple, and Linux operating systems for many years.

In school, I taught pupils how to use Microsoft Office applications such as word processors, spreadsheets and databases. In university I taught computer programming. But I also have experience in teaching graphics; web design; data-logging; and simple robotics to both staff and pupils

Adult learners have been to my courses on Internet safety; using eBay; iPads; Photoshop; Windows 10; as well as more general IT sessions.


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