Ewart Education Services

Hello, I'm John Ewart
and I can help you with your computers and I.T. devices

John Ewart

Do you feel that your laptop has the 'upper hand'?

Do you have an iPad but are not really sure how to use it?

Would you like to know how to use a word processor, a spreadsheet or a database?

Then I can help you

Are you already quite confident with computers but would like someone to explain the Raspberry Pi to you?

Do you want to learn how to program computers or to make webpages?

Are you also a teacher and wish to develop your I.C.T. skills?

I can help with that too

If you would like patient, one-to-one guidance in any of these subjects, and you live in Pembrokeshire or in the Cirencester area, then please email me at admin@ees.ewart.org.uk or text me on 07964 524723