Druidstone Beach

There are lots of beaches in Pembrokeshire and each one seems to have a character of its own. I hadn’t been to Druidstone Beach for a number of years (partly due to lockdown) and I just felt that this Saturday it would be nice to go somewhere different. This beach is a bit off the beaten track. There’s no car park, no facilities, but it has a unique feel. The high cliffs that surround it engender a protected, closeted ambience. Continue reading

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I live in a lovely part of the world. There are beautiful rural walks; strolls around the estuary; even chilled sessions in the back garden. But sometimes it’s just nice to go somewhere different. A couple of days ago we went to Cardiff to spend a few days mooching around the city. It’s a lovely place (lle hyfryd, yng Gymraeg) with lots of new opportunities for making images. Continue reading

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High Dynamic Range

One of the requirements of my drone pilot’s licence is that I need to complete a certain number of flying hours each month. It’s work but, you know, it just has to be done. I’m NOT just playing with gadgets you understand.

I was flying my drone ( a DJI Mavic Air) from the garden this morning. The day was shaping up to be sunny and warm and the sun had only just fully risen. Continue reading

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Couldn’t Sleep

For some reason I woke early this morning and just could not get back to sleep, sometimes I just know when it isn’t worth trying. So I got up and made myself a cup of tea. While I was doing that I noticed the moon was just one day past full so I went into the other room to fetch my camera which, luckily, had a 150mm lens already attached. Continue reading

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It’s been a been a busy couple of months to be honest, with a lot of life getting in the way of my photography. But I had the chance to revisit a place that I used to cycle along many years ago. It was early evening and the sunlight was filtering through the trees to leave a beautiful dappled light on the tarmac of the bike path below it. Continue reading

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