It’s a Struggle

I’ve really struggled with motivation during this third lockdown at the start of 2021. It’s almost as if I’ve become a little agoraphobic: having to push myself to leave the house … even if just for a walk, let alone going to take photographs. And the thing is, I love photography. I really enjoy the creation of an image based on what I see and on how I’m feeling.  Continue reading

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Take Your Camera

I’ll be honest, I’ve found this lockdown to be really difficult. It’s been difficult to get motivated, hard to stay positive, it even feels as though the weather is against me. It’s winter, of course, and the days are short plus, here in West Wales, it’s generally overcast and grey. More often than not, there’s a drizzly rain. Continue reading

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Experiments with Cyanotypes

I’ve been meaning to try my hand at printing cyanotypes for a while. I’ve even had the chemicals to create them at home for a few weeks now. But, of course, there have been a lot of distractions this December … and I have to admit I had been putting it off because cyanotypes looked as though they would be really difficult to do. I was wrong, they’re really easy, and lots of fun too. Continue reading

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A Photoshoot … at long last

The great thing about the Open University course that I mentioned in the previous post, is the fact that it forces me to go and take photos. The honest truth is that lockdown (and everything associated with it in 2020) has had a big affect on the way in which I take photographs. It’s been all too easy lately to cocoon myself in my home and not take my camera out with me. Continue reading

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Landscapes in November

I’ve started a new Open University module called Digital Photography: Creating a Professional Portfolio. It’s a ten-week course and, as with all OU modules, the resources are excellent. It’s only week two of the course and even though I’m familiar with a lot of what is covered it’s always good to revisit the basics of making an image. And I’ve learned quite a lot of new things too. Continue reading

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