Pick a Project

One of the traps that I fall into with photography is to wait until I have some grand, artistic idea before I start shooting. And, to be honest, I rarely have the inspiration to create a set of specific images at the moment. So I will just pick a subject on a whim and then work with that. You don’t need inspiration … just a random imagination and a ‘have a go’ mindset. Continue reading

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Do You Have to Follow the Rules?

In my photography lessons I introduce the ‘rules’ for altering shutter speed, aperture and ISO to achieve an appropriate exposure without blur. But there are times, actually many times if you’re so inclined, when you might want to bend or break those rules. Last week we were playing with longer exposures while moving the camera to create motion blur on purpose. Continue reading

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A Windy Beach Walk

I’ve made a resolution. I’m going to take a camera with me wherever I go, not my phone camera but a real one, one with a proper lens. Helen and I drove to Newgale and enjoyed a walk on the beach with my daughter Ellie and her dog Gannet.

Now Newgale is a big beach. So what do you do, do you try to take in the entire landscape or do you concentrate on detail? Well, I don’t know the definitive answer to that, but today I focussed on the detail. I’m glad I took my camera with me though.

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There’s a feeling of positivity in the air. It’s nothing to do with lockdowns, restrictions or anything political … in fact, anything imposed by other people.

It’s Spring!

The light is changing. The sky feels different. The plants are changing and the animals in the nearby farms just look and feel different too. And, you know,  I can feel a change in myself as well. Continue reading

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It’s a Struggle

I’ve really struggled with motivation during this third lockdown at the start of 2021. It’s almost as if I’ve become a little agoraphobic: having to push myself to leave the house … even if just for a walk, let alone going to take photographs. And the thing is, I love photography. I really enjoy the creation of an image based on what I see and on how I’m feeling.  Continue reading

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