A Photoshoot … at long last

The great thing about the Open University course that I mentioned in the previous post, is the fact that it forces me to go and take photos. The honest truth is that lockdown (and everything associated with it in 2020) has had a big affect on the way in which I take photographs. It’s been all too easy lately to cocoon myself in my home and not take my camera out with me.

Well this week’s assignment was ‘people, places and events’. The events part of that was difficult, but I ended up using some photographs that I’d taken of the Pembrokeshire County Show in 2019 and 2018.

People though, that also was a bit of a problem. I’m just not meeting people, and those that I do are wearing a mask. That, in itself, could be an interesting topic for photography but it just doesn’t interest me at the moment. What I decided to do was to work with the person in my bubble, my partner Helen, and get the studio lights out for a proper portrait shoot.

And I’d forgotten just how much I loved working with studio lights … and with models in particular. I really enjoy the dynamic of two or more people creating an image.

But I did something different this time. I’ve been meaning to combine this text and image based blog with an audio podcast. I want to try to capture the processes of creating an image as it is done.

So for this shoot, I left an audio recorder running while I prepared the lights; shot the images; then tidied up the files. I’ve cut a lot of the actual photoshoot out (because there’s a lot of repetition) but you can get a feeling for the work that Helen and I did if you listen to it here: A Photoshoot with Helen.

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