A Sunday Night In

One of my favourite things is to buy a bunch of cheap flowers from my local supermarket, along with whatever red wine they happen to have on offer, then put some interesting music on and fire up the studio lights.

It’s just fun to try different lighting set-ups, different backdrops and various types of post-processing chicanery.

Flowers and people are subjects that I’ve explored quite a lot recently … and they are subjects that I want to look at in greater depth. But tonight I tried something new: shooting smoke from an incense stick, I love the randomness, the chaotic nature of it.

This is definitely something that I will return to.

My plan is to start to combine photographic images to make an artistic picture that conveys more than its constituent parts. Well, we’ll see …


Sometimes I think the flowers that I buy (roses in particular) gain much more character once they’ve aged for a few days in my chilly house. I have my lights set up and ready and I was passing them last night when I saw that the petals had opened a little more and the colour was a little deeper.

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