There’s a feeling of positivity in the air. It’s nothing to do with lockdowns, restrictions or anything political … in fact, anything imposed by other people.

It’s Spring!

The light is changing. The sky feels different. The plants are changing and the animals in the nearby farms just look and feel different too. And, you know,  I can feel a change in myself as well.

It feels as though it’s been a rough winter but then, all of a sudden, the buds start to appear on the apparently lifeless trees and everything feels different.

The sky is different.

It’s only April so the sun is still quite low in the sky. It’s brighter than you might expect, the skies are bluer than you might think. I always burn in April.  There’s a cool wind and an optimistic sunshine. It gets me every time. My nose burns and I get a red V below my neck. But I don’t mind.

The naive positivity of the hedgerow makes up for all of that.

I will admit that the winter months have kept me inside. Lockdown and other restrictions  haven’t helped that either, I’ve felt like I’m on the cusp of a sort of agoraphobia.

But going for a walk has helped.

And going for a walk with my camera has bolstered my own positivity in ways that I wouldn’t have imagined before.

I know that a lot has been written before about mindfulness, and I’m not going to add to add to that topic here.


Going for a walk is such a physically and mentally positive thing to do … it’s so obvious that you don’t need to be told that. And yet, I’ve found that I haven’t been doing it.

If you take your camera then you get the added benefit of a walk AND the chance to creatively make an image.

It’s easy to go for walk, it’s good for you. All you need to do is put one foot in front of another then repeat. And that’s ok. But if you take your camera, you’ll be doing that as well as looking at the flowers, the clouds and the shadows.

I sincerely wish you all the best.

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