Cardiff Bay

I went to Cardiff Bay on Sunday and took the Canon M6 with me, it’s my go-to camera for traveling as it’s so light and unobtrusive.

There was some welcome dry autumnal weather this weekend. There’s been such a prolonged spell of wet and gloomy weather over the past few weeks it was just wonderful to see the sun again.

Cardiff Bay has a number of iconic buildings, I’ve mooched around here with my camera on many occaisions, in fact, I make a point of doing so whenever I find myself in the city. The red brick Pierhead building is always striking but in the low November sun it was an obvious target for my camera. As you get close to it the brickwork has splashes of filligree amongst it. A beautiful building.

Just a short walk away there are lots of bars and restaurants as well as small water gardens built into the old docks. The leaves have well and truly taken on their autumn colours and will fall soon.

But it was lovely to catch the sunlight as it dappled through them this morning.

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  1. Marian B. says:

    Beautiful pictures, John. Especially the autumn sun on the yellowing leaves, in the picture above. The display of autumn colors is abundant in the area of Devon, near Dartmoor, where I live at present. The woodland around Holne and Spitchwick, the area around Postbridge with the Bellever Tor, or Cadover Bridge and the more remote splendors of Fur Tor and Redlake may be of interest to you while taking pictures.
    When you’re not already in the know, of course. I assume you’re at present in Wales?
    If that’s the case, is Wales famous for its many days of rain?

    I’m an eager photographer too, although more in the hobby-amateur style. Nevertheless, on my website, you’ll find many pictures and there are slideshows of my pictures on my YouTube channels Marian B. and Marian Baghor. I’m Dutch by birth and keep my siblings and friends informed about my almost 5 years lasting presence in Britain.
    I’m planning to move again and find myself a home on the coast of Cornwall.
    As a textile crafter, I use my pictures for landscapes of felt more or less as abstracts.

    • John says:

      Thank you Marian, that’s very kind of you. Yes, I live in Wales and, yes, it does rain a lot! But then the landscape is always lush and green.
      I will certainly have a look at your website it sounds very interesting. In fact, my aunt used to be a weaver (but up in Scotland, not Wales) and she used to use the plants and seaweeds that she could find locally to produce dyes for her yarns so that her landscape tapestries were made of the landscape itself! I think that’s such a cool thing to do and I appreciate what you are doing.
      I hope your move to the Cornish coast is successful, and I urge you to explore Wales when you have the chance. John

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