Do You Have to Follow the Rules?

In my photography lessons I introduce the ‘rules’ for altering shutter speed, aperture and ISO to achieve an appropriate exposure without blur. But there are times, actually many times if you’re so inclined, when you might want to bend or break those rules. Last week we were playing with longer exposures while moving the camera to create motion blur on purpose.

Using shutter priority we could concentrate on the effects produced by keeping the shutter open without worrying about the other factors that can affect exposure.

In some cases we focused on an object; set a long shutter speed (about a second) and then zoomed out. Yes, there was camera shake, but the resulting image was more about the colours and their hues rather than the specifics of an actual object.

As the evening drew on we concentrated on the trees outside of the college windows. The light was falling and there were a range of greens from the tree’s leaves, the ivy and the grass. By moving the camera in the same direction as the tree trunks we achieved these atmospheric, dare I say, impressionist images of the plants around Pembrokeshire College on a late Spring evening.

These images are uploaded as shot without post processing.

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