I’m not a Big Fan of Cats … but

I’m in lockdown with a cat (it’s an involved story that has nothing to do with photography) and, as suggested in the title, I’m not a cat person.

But, I have to admit, that this is quite a photogenic animal. Her coat is made of a palette of creams and browns with long whispy tendrils of fur.

I used my 300mm lens (I only have two lenses with me) which meant that I could make close up images without having to physically get too close. The telephoto lens also gave me a nice, shallow depth of field which meant that I could keep her face in focus while the less distinct hair on her body blended in with the beige of the neutral carpet.

There is no post processing in these images at all. I really like how the colours blend together to form almost an optical illusion in which you only notice the face in the bottom left hand corner as an afterthought rather than as a straightforward portrait.

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