It’s a Struggle

I’ve really struggled with motivation during this third lockdown at the start of 2021. It’s almost as if I’ve become a little agoraphobic: having to push myself to leave the house … even if just for a walk, let alone going to take photographs. And the thing is, I love photography. I really enjoy the creation of an image based on what I see and on how I’m feeling. But restrictions are slowly easing here in Wales and we’re able to travel to places slightly further afield. Even though I live in a beautiful place I do miss the sea. Today, Helen and I decided to visit a beach that she’d not seen before. Although it’s not far from my house it isn’t one of the most popular beaches in Pembrokeshire … and, to be honest, the locals are quite happy for it to remain that way!

So we went to Broad Haven South on a Spring afternoon in March. I took my camera with me even though I hadn’t thought about the sort of pictures that I could be taking. I took the mirrorless camera with its zoom lens and thought nothing of it. To be honest, I didn’t even feel like taking a camera at all.

But I’m glad I did. Sure, I took some photos, but I also spent most of my time there really looking. I was completely aware of what was around me and I composed views that were presented to me.

It’s going to take a little while to adapt to this new way of taking photographs but I’m glad that I’m still doing it.

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