Landscapes in November

I’ve started a new Open University module called Digital Photography: Creating a Professional Portfolio. It’s a ten-week course and, as with all OU modules, the resources are excellent. It’s only week two of the course and even though I’m familiar with a lot of what is covered it’s always good to revisit the basics of making an image. And I’ve learned quite a lot of new things too.

At the end of this course I’d like to start to build a portfolio that I could submit to the RPS. That may be a little while ahead of me, but it’s a goal nonetheless.

The thing that really helps is that an integral part of both this course, and a previous course that I’d studied with the OU, is a weekly photo assignment which you have to share with other students. This week it was landscape.

Now I’m lucky in that I live in a part of the world where wonderful landscapes are literally on my doorstep. However, a combination of time pressures of work and some rather unfavourable weather made this week’s assignment a little tricky. But I did it, and I enjoyed it.

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