Lightening Up

It’s lockdown and I’m not able to get out as much as I normally would … no one can. The thing is, it’s easy to get despondent and lose motivation for doing anything, even photography. I’ve spoken to many people about their love of photography and more than one has mentioned the positive effect it has on their mental health. And I can completely see that, it helps you to concentrate on something other, something outside yourself. So I gave myself a mini project the other day. Continue reading

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Strange Times

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed normal life in so many ways. The reponse across the world has been to advise people not to travel and to stay in their communities. And so, I have been working from home during the day and walking from my house to get a little exercise now and again.

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Well that’s complicated things …

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’d bought myself a ‘new’ old camera: a¬†Yashica 635 which could take both 35mm and 120mm film. I though it was novel, an oddity, something that would simply improve my digital photography. But I’ve since ¬†developed the films and scanned them and now I feel a bit different about everything.

I love photography. I really like the options that my fancy digital cameras give to me. I will always appreciate their spark. Continue reading

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This Shoot Didn’t Go to Plan

I’ve been supporting a local venue, HaverHub, in Haverfordwest both through work and also in my own time.

They wanted someone to photograph some of their events so I said that I would help them out … because, of course, I’m a wonderful photographer with lots of experience … hmmm … Continue reading

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Model Shoot

Just before Christmas I worked with a model, Keziah Watts, to practice some lighting setups. It’s a lot of fun to work with someone who is confidant in front of the camera and, in the end, I feel that the results are better than I could have made on my own … because there are at least two people working on the image. Continue reading

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