Landscapes in November

I’ve started a new Open University module called Digital Photography: Creating a Professional Portfolio. It’s a ten-week course and, as with all OU modules, the resources are excellent. It’s only week two of the course and even though I’m familiar with a lot of what is covered it’s always good to revisit the basics of making an image. And I’ve learned quite a lot of new things too. Continue reading

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The British Museum

A few weeks ago I went on a short visit to London. Now I do like a museum and I was looking forward to revisiting some of my favourite ones: the V&A; Natural History Museum; and, of course, the Science Museum … with all those buttons to push to make the mechanical models move.

But it was only a short visit at the beginning of the week and I found to my dismay that they were all closed. Continue reading

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Polarising Filters

There’s been a run of dull and dreary weather this month but yesterday the sun came out and we ended up with a lovely late-summer’s day in North Pembrokeshire.

The sun is still quite strong at this time of year and I had to be careful not to end up with washed out images so I put a polarising filter on my lens today. Continue reading

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Light Painting

The Royal Photographic Society have continued to run their excellent courses even during the lockdown restrictions. But, of course, at the moment they are being held virtually. This is actually a benefit to me as I live well away from the usual course locations. The most recent course that I have attended is titled “Painting with Light”. Continue reading

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Strange Weather

I should be grateful that during the strictest part of lockdown the weather was lovely … I think it would have been doubly hard if we’d had the miserable weather we’ve been having recently.

But it is still summer and when the sun does come out it is strong and bright which can give wonderful contrasts. Continue reading

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