This Shoot Didn’t Go to Plan

I’ve been supporting a local venue, HaverHub, in Haverfordwest both through work and also in my own time.

They wanted someone to photograph some of their events so I said that I would help them out … because, of course, I’m a wonderful photographer with lots of experience … hmmm … Continue reading

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Model Shoot

Just before Christmas I worked with a model, Keziah Watts, to practice some lighting setups. It’s a lot of fun to work with someone who is confidant in front of the camera and, in the end, I feel that the results are better than I could have made on my own … because there are at least two people working on the image. Continue reading

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Further Adventures in Film

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’d bought myself a second-hand SLR 35mm film camera body that I could use with my current lenses. I had learned a lot through using this camera, it helped me to slow down and think about my shots. It also introduced me to the fun of developing film.

Well I was hunting around on eBay and I saw an auction for a Yashica 635 TLR camera. It looked so different to the sort of cameras that I normally use that I was more than intrigued. Continue reading

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Experiments with Film

Earlier in the year I wanted something that would be both a new photographic challenge and a learning opportunity. Of course, when I first started to take photographs it was on film, then digital cameras became affordable and that changed the way I made pictures. But I had a nagging feeling that modern cameras were just a little too … convenient, I could afford to be more hit-and-miss with my photographs when I could see the results almost immediately on the screen. Continue reading

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Cardiff Bay

I went to Cardiff Bay on Sunday and took the Canon M6 with me, it’s my go-to camera for traveling as it’s so light and unobtrusive.

There was some welcome dry autumnal weather this weekend. There’s been such a prolonged spell of wet and gloomy weather over the past few weeks it was just wonderful to see the sun again. Continue reading

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