Point of Interest

I’ve been using DJI drones for a few months now and I must say I’m impressed with the sheer processing power that both they and their controllers possess.

The controller contains the aerials and wireless gadgetry to communicate with the aircraft and it also has a hardware link to a smartphone or tablet. I use an iPhone, and have installed the DJI app which enables me to control both the drone’s flight and its camera.

The screenshot shows some of the flying options that are available in the app. I have used very few of them … I tend to fly the aircraft and film or shoot while I’m doing so. But there is one feature that I do use quite a lot: point of interest.

With this feature I can position the drone over an object that I wish to film and then let the aircraft fly in a circle around it. The computer in the drone and the processor in my phone work together to fly the aircraft in a circle, at a constant speed and altitude with the camera always pointing inwards. I couldn’t do this manually but the control system makes it easy … and the results are great (although you do have to excuse my choice of subject in this case).


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