Polarising Filters

There’s been a run of dull and dreary weather this month but yesterday the sun came out and we ended up with a lovely late-summer’s day in North Pembrokeshire.

The sun is still quite strong at this time of year and I had to be careful not to end up with washed out images so I put a polarising filter on my lens today.

The pictures shown here were made with a circular filter. The disadvantage of this type of, quite expensive, filter is that you need a different one for each lens diameter. The big advantage though is that they are compact and easy to use.

The polariser deepens the colour contrast, especially on days with a low, strong sun. They work best when shooting at right angles to the sun but they still have an effect at other angles. But the image here was taken minutes after the one above with the sun almost directly behind me (look at the shadows) and you can see that the blue of the sky is more pale than the first image.

So, to get the strongest effect from your polarising filter:

  1. use it when the sun is fairly low in the sky and
  2. try to shoot at right angles to the sun
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