Strange Times

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed normal life in so many ways. The reponse across the world has been to advise people not to travel and to stay in their communities. And so, I have been working from home during the day and walking from my house to get a little exercise now and again.

I’m lucky in that I live on an estuary and I don’t have to drive anywhere in order to get wonderful scenery. As long as I avoid people I can take my camera with me when I go for a walk and make the most of the wonderful clear, sunny weather that we happen to be experiencing. I took the shot above using my drone (I’m reapplying for my commercial licence so I still need to prove that I have flown it enough over the year). This is actually an HDR composite of three still images that the Mavic Air took of the Cleddau. I combined the stills in Lightroom to create the High Dynamic Range picture that I’ve shown here.

There have been a series of perfect Spring days recently with cloudless skies and a fairly low sun. I went for a walk the day before yesterday and took my SLR with me. I’d fitted a polarising filter to the 50mm prime lens then took a stroll along the river bank. The buds are beginning to show on the trees but they’re a little way away from producing leaves just yet. Even so, I like the feeling that things are beginning to grow. There’s a particular shade of green in the grass and the sky has a gentle blue. The polariser seems to bump the colours up even more.

I would much rather we weren’t in this situation but this enforced isolation has helped me to really look at the things around me with fresh eyes.

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