Strange Weather

I should be grateful that during the strictest part of lockdown the weather was lovely … I think it would have been doubly hard if we’d had the miserable weather we’ve been having recently.

But it is still summer and when the sun does come out it is strong and bright which can give wonderful contrasts.

During a hot day last week I spotted a fox sunning itself in the long grass. It looked perfectly relaxed, it wasn’t hunting or hiding from anything, just lying in the sunshine and blinking now and again.

It looked like a small dog, quite at ease with itself, just enjoying the warm sunshine. It was lovely to see one this close, so I nipped inside to get my camera.

I put on the 300mm telephoto lens with the 2x extender and shot some photos. I set the shutter speed to 1/1000 second so that I wouldn’t have any camera shake. I was worried that the fox would run off so didn’t want to take ages setting up a tripod as well. As it was, the fox spotted me and we had eye contact for a few seconds before it vanished into the long grass.

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