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I’ll be honest, I’ve found this lockdown to be really difficult. It’s been difficult to get motivated, hard to stay positive, it even feels as though the weather is against me. It’s winter, of course, and the days are short plus, here in West Wales, it’s generally overcast and grey. More often than not, there’s a drizzly rain.

As I said, I’ve found it difficult to motivate myself when all I want to do is hibernate. But every now and again, there’s a clear day and the low winter sun throws beautiful, clear shadows and strong highlights across everything.

I try to get out of the house as often as I can, sometimes I don’t always succeed in that, but I do like to get out and go for a walk. Often I’ll listen to a podcast while walk and enjoy the sights and the smells of the local woodland.

I know, yes, I’m lucky to have a local woodland!

Now this is a terrible admission for a photography blog, but I don’t always take my camera. It’s easy to treat the walks as just a functional exercise … in exercise: just another daily routine.

But when I take my camera I’m just a little more mindful of what I’m doing. Even if I don’t take any pictures! I’m just more aware of what is happening around me, the way the light falls, the natural compositions of trees and hedgerows. So I’m going to make sure I take my camera with me. I’ll open my eyes more and let my awareness pull myself out of this short period of low motivation.

You wait and see!

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