The British Museum

A few weeks ago I went on a short visit to London. Now I do like a museum and I was looking forward to revisiting some of my favourite ones: the V&A; Natural History Museum; and, of course, the Science Museum … with all those buttons to push to make the mechanical models move.

But it was only a short visit at the beginning of the week and I found to my dismay that they were all closed.

This turned out to be a stroke of good luck as the only museum not closed on a Monday and Tuesday was the British Museum and I can’t remember ever visiting this place before. A lot of the exhibitions were closed (due to COVID restrictions) but it was still a fantastic experience. To me, museums prove to be a great opportunity for photography. The exhibits are interesting and well lit (and don’t move!) and as long as you don’t use flash you can spend many happy hours browsing and making images.

The other thing that I like about museum photography is the fact that it provides you with an opportunity to take pictures of other people. I saw this group of workers on the arched, glass roof and couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of them. Actually it’s not a picture of the people … it’s a picture of their shadows thrown onto the translucent glass under a bright sun. I like the mixture of regular, repeating pattern broken by the shadows of the workers and their equipment.

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